MLS Geocoder

  1. Select the original MLS CSV File in the left file selector. A new file mls_geocode_intermediate_one.csv will be downloaded to your computer.
  2. Open Terminal: Open Spotlight (Command+Space) and type Terminal and press Enter.
  3. Assuming that file is saved to your mac in the Downloads folder, copy and paste the following text into the terminal:
  4. cd ~/Downloads && curl --form [email protected]_geocode_intermediate_one.csv --form benchmark=9 --output mls_geocode_intermediate_two.csv
  5. That command will likely take more than a minute to run (scales with size of CSV) and will save an additional file to your Downloads folder: mls_geocode_intermediate_two.csv
  6. Use the file selector on the right to select that file. That file will be merged with the MLS CSV uploaded earlier and the result will be downloaded as mls_geocode_final.csv